Jay*Clipp is a career international DJ and founder of The Keep Spinning DJ Academy based in Dallas, Texas. Since relocating to Dallas in 2004 from Jackson, Mississippi, he has established himself as a solid figurehead in the North Texas DJ Community. Clipp has an impressive roster list of clients in music, fashion, film, television, media, and of course the nightlife. He works closely with Grammy award winners DJ Spinderella, Erykah Badu, and 9th Wonder.

Clipp continues to musically entertain corporate and premier clients in the Dallas metroplex and across the globe. In 2018, Jay made his television debut as the “wedding DJ” on the critically acclaimed tv show “Queen of the South” (Season 3, Episode 7). Clipp is currently educating many aspiring DJ’s and producers at The Keep Spinning DJ Academy. Clipp, along with DJ partners DJ Phingaprint and DJ Cuzzin B, started the Point Blank Entertainment in 2002.



DJ Cuzzin B was born & raised in St. Louis Missouri. He credits his uncle for his love of various genres of music as he was a drummer in a rock band. “My 1st memories of music come from either watching my uncle in rehearsal or riding around with him as he BLASTED everything from The Police & Black Sabbath to Maze & Luther.” He first caught the DJ bug in high school, zoning in on the DJ at the local skating rink and studying DJ Kut’s live sets on St. Louis radio. He linked up with his childhood friend, DJ Reminise and they began DJing house parties, cookouts & anything else they could to develop their skills.

He migrated to Jackson, Mississippi following high school graduation to attend Jackson State University. He joined the 3rd Eye DJ crew at JSU (DJ PhingaPrint, Jay*Clipp, DJ Conscience, DJ Scrap Dirty & B-Dub). 3rd Eye was ‘the’ crew when it came to parties at Jackson State. They helped him transition his craft to the club level. Two weeks after graduation, he took his degree to Washington, DC to begin working for National Public Radio. He also continued his journey as a mixtape/club DJ. Point Blank Entertainment, LLC began in 2002. Since then, they’ve developed a cult following, producing a plethora of mix tapes which include the “Soul 4 Sale” series. In 2006, Cuzzin B along with 7 other gentlemen including Grammy Award Winning producer 9th Wonder, formed the True School Corporation, a company focusing on and highlighting the ‘golden era’ of music, movies & culture through parties & community events. DJ Cuzzin B has been blessed with opportunity to display his talents around the world. He’s DJ’ed for crowds in Paris, Toronto, London, Bahamas & all points U.S. Currently, Cuzzin B serves as one of the the chief curators of the extremely popular “Tiny Desk” Concert Series for NPR.



Music is more than just an art form, a hobby or a profession – it’s a way of life. For DJ Phingaprint (Timothy Washington) this is especially true. Ever since his parents bought him his first set of turntables in 1985, Print adopted music as his life’s mission. He continues to explore and expand the boundaries of turntablism and music.
“I feel like I embody the music more than anything, says Phingaprint. “I feel like I take it more seriously than any other DJ working out there now. For me, turntablism is not just a way of life, it is my life. I can’t imagine living without wax.”

Living life to the fullest as a DJ is definitely what Print has been doing. In a 20 year span, he has attained an exceptional list of credits as a DJ, producer, and music educator. Print began his career in 1992, as a college DJ working at WMPR in Jackson. In 1994, he became a member of the Stewpot Stowaways, a collective of JSU based emcees that included David Banner & Kamikaze. He was also the DJ for the Jackson based trio, Poetic Climax, the first Mississippi based rap group to perform on BET’s now defunct Teen Summit. Two years later, Phingaprint united with fellow Stowaways, David Banner and Kamikaze to form Crooked Lettaz. The trio inked a deal with Penalty/Tommy Boy Records and released their critically acclaimed debut LP, Grey Skies in 1998. The group toured for two years.

DJ Phingaprint along with college buddies Jay*Clipp and DJ Cuzzin B, formed the DJ collective known as Point Blank Entertainment aka the Point Blank DJ’s. The crew was known for hosting the majority of college parties in Jackson. In 2001, Print began his residency at Freelon’s. He has made quite an international footprint in Ghana, Germany, Italy, the UK, Iraq, and Czech Republic. In 2006, Phingaprint reunited with his old friend David Banner to serve as tour DJ, a position he held until 2009.
Currently, Print serves as Music Director of 99.1 BDAY Radio in Jackson. He is also busy pumping out countless mixes including the critically acclaimed Dust Jams, a breakbeat mix hosted by hip hop historian, Charlie Braxton.